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Dr. Stephen M. McGrail Dental Advice
Our Cape Cod dentist office includes a visual oral cancer exam during each dental cleaning. We take it one step further by offering the latest in oral cancer screening with the VELSCOPE oral cancer early detection instrument. We recommend an annual oral screening with the VELSCOPE beginning age 20. More frequent dental screenings are recommended for dental patients with a history of tobacco use, alcohol intake or a family history of oral cancer.

In today’s stressful world it has become evident that a majority of people clench or grind their teeth in their sleep. It often manifests in regular head and/or neck aches. This habit can destroy the enamel shell of teeth and cause fractures. If a dental patient develops these habits it can be a chronic “para function”; in such cases a “night guard” can be fabricated to alleviate symptoms and preserve tooth enamel.

The American Dental Association recommends patients receive dental examinations and cleanings every 6 months. This allows early detection of soft tissue, lesions, cavities and it helps prevent gingivitis and more serious periodontistis.

Home dental care is essential to oral health. We recommend flossing twice daily and brushing of the teeth, gums and tongue at least twice daily.

Diet is another critical component of maintaining oral health. With today’s advertising blitz for energy drinks it is important for patients to read nutrition labels to screen for carbohydrate content and to limit foods and beverages containing sugar to mealtime. It is best to drink water or non-sugar drinks between meals. Tooth decay and gum disease rises with increased exposure to between meal carbohydrates (sugars).

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